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Corefit Conditioning

“Because all good things come from the CORE!”

We are not a large gym, but we strongly believe that is one of our best qualities. We love the fact that we are able to work with our clients in class and one-on-one in a family-type atmosphere and that our workouts can be utilized by anyone aged 16-70+. But don’t let our family atmosphere give you the wrong impression – our workouts are designed to challenge you no matter what fitness level you are at!

We offer up to 12 classes per week with the addition of 2 new classes for people who are 50+. Classes are full of energy and planned so that all you need to do is show up and be ready to start. Classes are 45 minutes in length and incorporate different types of equipment with the use of everything from kettlebells, dumbbells, battle ropes, bosu balls and much more.We also push you to use your own body weight in a variety of unique, challenging and fun exercises.