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Heritage Martial Arts & Fitness Centre

Heritage Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is a unilateral training facility housing martial arts, fitness, personal training, a full-scale gym facility, nutritional counselling.

The goal of our karate classes is to teach a traditional martial art using modern concepts in a practical manner so that it can be applied today.

We teach the traditional Goju Ryu Karate system which was founded by Chojun Miyagi in Okinawa, Japan. Karate training improves physical strength and stamina, increases self-confidence and self-esteem, and teaches self-control, self-awareness, and respect for others. It also reduces stress and helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Our fitness classes combine cardio kickboxing with body weight exercises and equipment such as dumbbells, kettle bells, TRX, battle ropes and many others to give you a full-body workout. Looking for something more private? We also offer personal training both one-on-one and small group as well as nutritional counselling. There really is SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE! Contact us today to book a tour of the facility and see how our family can help you reach your training goals and have some FUN!

Kyoshi James Fries

Founder of Heritage Martial Arts