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Kyoshi James Fries

Kyoshi James Fries

Founder Of Heritage Martial Arts, Corefit Conditioning And Full Spectrum Defense

Kyoshi Fries has been training in the martial arts for over 30 years. He began training and studying Goju Ryu karate at the age of sixteen in Waterloo. Kyoshi Fries is currently ranked as a 7th degree black belt in Goju Ryu karate under Hanshi Carlos Montalvo 10° of the Ronin Goju-Ryu Kai and continues to study and train in the Goju Ryu style karate extensively. The Goju-Ryu system focuses on proper muscle function and movement which can be applied to self defense. James believes mental focus and overall ability will improve greatly with the proper training, conditioning and fitness. The body only becomes strong when the mind, body and spirit work together. Through the years, Kyoshi Fries has had the privilege to train with some of the world's most recognized instructors such as Sifu Larry Hartsell, and Master Tom Patire. Kyoshi Fries currently is training in White Crane Under Hanshi Gary Legacy and has achieved a 7th degree black belt in White Crane.

Heritage Martial Arts and Fitness Centre created Full Spectrum Defense under the guidance and teaching from Master Tom Patire, Hanshi Carlos Montalvo and training experience in his years of training. Kyoshi Fries is a recognized CDT, LRT and ITC Bodyguard under Tom Patire's CDT system.

Kyoshi Fries has a deep commitment and dedication to the martial arts and has an open mind toward all different styles of the martial arts and martial arts concepts. He strives to learn new ideas, techniques, and training methods to expand his own knowledge and to help his students grow and improve.


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